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    Greetings readers!

    My Name is GuardzGamez and I would like to welcome you to my company GuardianIndustries! We are currently hiring and we would like to say good luck if you want to apply! This job is a simple job really you will work for my company and because were a diverse company you will work in many shops and stores we have! The application format is very simple.

    1. Please give me your username in-game so i can mail you.

    1.2. This step isn't necessary but if you have a discord I would like it please. (Don't worry if you don't have one)

    2. Please don't pester me or the staff if your application has been looked at yet because that will set a bad impression.

    Now Comes the hard bit, The questions! in your application form just put the question number then your answer please.

    question 1. Are you prepared to work many or little hours?

    question 2. If a customer came in and started kicking off, killing and hurting people, what would you do?

    question 3. If you have a question or problem with the company who/where will you go about this question?

    question 4. Do you have any previous work experience? if so tell me, if not don't worry!

    question 5. What role would you like to apply for out of these roles
    employee, accountant, manager.

    Once you have made your application form and read over it many times post it and I will get back to you as soon as! Hope you get the job you want! If you don't get the job you can always reapply, bare in mind you can only reapply a certain amount of times. good Luck!

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