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    Forum Rules
    • Don't spam the forum with unnecessary content;
    • Don't bump threads;
    • Don't bring back old topics;
    • Be respectful at all times. That being said, anything of the following is not allowed:
      • Racism;
      • Sexism;
      • Profanity;
      • Bigotry.
    • Be mature when it comes to replies and topic creations. Make sure you are understandable. Needless to say, try spell checking and making sure everything is grammatically correct;
    • Don't bash on someone for reporting someone. Solving the report is the duty of the server staff;
    • Only use English in forum discussions. You're free to personally message a friend using foreign languages;
    • Stay on topic at all times. If you post on someone else's topic, keep it to that topic. If you want to talk about other things then start your own one;
    • A friendly debate is fine as long as it doesn't turn into an uncontrollable fight;
    • Don't advertise other servers or communities;
    • You are allowed to have only 1 forum account.
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